How to do Mail Merge in InDesign?

  1. Make sure that your data source file (usually a spreadsheet or database file) is structured in such a way that you can include the appropriate fields in your target document. For example, the top row of a spreadsheet should contain the field names that you’ll use in the target document, such as “Company” and “Address”;
  2. Save the data source file as one of “Tab Delimited Text (TXT)” or “Comma Separated Values (CSV)” formats;
  3. In the final InDesign file open the “Window Menu” and chose “Data Merge” from “Utilities”;
  4. Choose “Select Data Source” from the panel menu;
  5. Drag data fields from the panel to frames on the page (or, with an insertion point selected, click the data fields you want to insert); and
  6. Choose “Create Merged Document” from the panel menu.

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