Different tints of a CMYK color in Illustrator?

  1. Drew a square with the actual colour;A_1
  2. Create a copy of the square and change the colour to white, make enough space between them for another 9
  3. Select both squares and open the ‘Object’ menu, go to ‘Blend’ and then select ‘Blend Option’;A_3
  4. In the ‘Spacing’ section chose ‘Specified Steps’ and inset ‘9’ as number of steps and click ‘OK’;A_4
  5. While squares are still selected go to ‘Object’ menu again and select ‘Make’ from ‘Blend’; andA_5_1A_5_2
  6. Expand the artwork and ungroup the objects to access each tint individually.A_6_1A_6_2A_6_3A_6_4

Note: the featured image is from Evelin Kasikov.


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